Bosch PLS 300 Sawstation

The solution for precise cutting with stich saw. So far what was reserved as the stationary saws, precise length of wooden boards, accurate angle and mitre cutting or length cutting, now it is also possible with the new saw station. One main application area is the simple solution for precise transfer of wooden floors, the exact cutting of paving tiles, the base boards with or without angle cut (special “corner-elements” are now not necessary, which were earlier purchased at expensive value). Notches for pipe lines, adaptation work in doors or furniture is very easy with this new saw station. By various gripping and adjustment possibilities, the wood profile for photo frames is made with exact angle cut. The clamping function prevents inexact saw-off in round materials. By employment of special saw blades, the PLS 300 can also be set for sawing metal and plastic along with wood. The saw station PLS 300 is the ideal requirement to achieve precise output from an inexperienced worker.

Price: GBP100.00

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